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About Us

DogwoodG&G Nursery is a wholesale nursery and sells mostly within a region stretching from Cincinnati-Lousville to Cleveland east through New York and Long Island to Boston, MA.

G&G Nursery, founded fifteen years ago, is owned by the Merritt family, who currently produce shade and flowering trees,shrubs and perennials on 115 acres.

The West Virginia climate, fertile Ohio River Valley soil and growing practices allows us to produce plants of the highest quality.

In 1999, we budded 30,000 dogwoods and in 2000 planted 19,000 dogwood liners.

Other ornamentals from the West Coast were also planted, 4,000 liners in the field and 6,000 in pots.

In addition to B&B material,crops are grown in7 gallon, 15 gallon or 25 gallon pot in pot. Also 50,000shrubs are potted into 1,2,3,and 5 gallon containers.

Our nursery selection are always being expanded to meet the needs of our customers.